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Bhopal City
Drive against malnutrition: 82 lakh women, children given nutritious food

BHOPAL: During the drive to eradicate malnutrition, 82 lakh women and children were benefited with nutritious diet. As a result, 8 per cent decline has been registered in malnutrition. This was informed by Women and Child Development Minister Maya Singh here on Sunday.

Singh informed that special attention is being paid to nutritious ingredients in the diet supplied to women and children as per their choice from Nutritious Diet Centres in the state. As a result of serving vitamins, micro nutrients and protein-rich diet, rate of malnutrition has declined from 60 to 52 percent as per a survey of National Institute of Nutrine, Hyderabad. She informed that this graph will further decline in the survey to be made in year 2014-15.

Nutritious diet is being provided to 32 lakh children of 6 months to 3 years of age from Nutritious Diet Centres. As many as 12 lakh expectant and lactating mothers are also being provided nutritious diet from the same centres. Under Sabala Yojana, 8 lakh girls of 11 to 18 years of age are provided iron and vitamin pills every week apart from nutritious diet.

Suposhan Abhiyan is being run specially for removing malnourishment of low-weight children in the state. The campaign has benefited 50 thousand children. Under the campaign, Sneh Shivirs were held throughout the state where 5000 extremely under-weight children were provided quality and tasty nutritious diets.