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Sorcerers molest, rape women in separate incidents in Chhattisgarh

RAIPUR: Two cases of women being victimised to molestation and rape by sorcerers in separate incidents have come to the fore from Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur and Korba districts on Friday.

Korba police have lodged a case against sorcerer Mansingh who allegedly raped a newly married woman who had gone to him for treatment. According to police 30-year-old woman of Tendubhata village was suffering from burning sensation in skin and went to Mansingh along with her brother-in-law on Thursday.

Woman’s statement to police said that Mansingh who was known in the place for his treatment for quite some time took her inside a room on pretext of treatment and attempted rape on her. When she resisted and tried to shout, he stuffed her mouth with cloth and forced himself upon her threatening her of dire consequences.

The woman later narrated the incident to the family after which a report was lodged at police station. Mansingh was at large, police said.

People in remote areas of Chhattisgarh are highly superstitious and depend on local traditional healers (baiga) and sorcerer for treatment of health ailments. Instead of approaching doctors they go to sorcerers and get exploited financially and physically quite frequently.

In a similar incident at Gurella region near Pendra Road at Bilaspur district, a 70-year-old sorcerer was arrested for allegedly molesting a woman on pretext of treating her, who had approached him due to some health ailment.

The 26-year-old woman was suffering from ailment since many days and she was compelled by family to meet Lalita Prasad Ojha, a sorcerer for treatment.

He too took her in a separate room where he tried to molest her. When the woman objected he clarified that it was a part of treatment and he continued terrifying her of ghosts and spirits if she didn’t co-operated.

Later, when the woman couldn’t beat it anymore, she ran out of the room and reported the matter to police soon after which the sorcerer was arrested under atrocities Act.