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Bhopal City
Madhya Pradesh will launch two important schemes

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh has to launch two important new schemes - Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana to open bank accounts of every household and construction of toilets in all schools by end of the year.

Out of the 1.50 crore families of Madhya Pradesh, 62 lakh families - 50 lakh rural and 12 lakh urban - do not have bank accounts. A time-bound plan has been chalked out to implement the scheme, which will be completed at rapid pace by August 14, 2015.

Under the first pillar of the scheme, all families will be provided banking facilities. The second pillar envisages opening basic bank accounts with overdraft facility and the third pillar is financial literacy programme. Under pillar-4 credit guarantee fund will be established, under pillar-5 arrangement of micro insurance and under pillar-6 pension schemes will be launched for unorganised sector from year 2015 to 2018.

Under the action plan for the scheme, survey on families will be undertaken and camps will be organised to open bank accounts. Every bank account holder will be given a debit card. Facility of up to Rs 5000 overdraft will be provided after savings/credit history of 6 months. Payments of all direct benefit transfer will be made through these bank accounts.

Madhya Pradesh has 18,619 schools that do not have toilets. This facility will be provided to them by the end of the current year. These include 17,743 primary/middle and 876 high/higher secondary schools. Of the 1,338 high/higher secondary schools, 700 do not have buildings of their own. On construction of their buildings, separate toilets for boys and girls will be constructed automatically. In the remaining 438 schools, separate toilets will be constructed for boys and girls.

School toilets will be constructed through school management committees. Adequate water arrangements will also be made for toilets. Toilets will be maintained and repaired from repair funds. Arrangements for cleaning toilets will also be made under Panch Parmeshwar Yojana of Panchayat Department.