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BPL power consumers eligible for 40 free units

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh government on Friday decided maximum power consumption limit for the bellow poverty line (BPL) electricity connection holders under the free electricity supply scheme. The energy department has issued order in this respect on August 20.

In the order, it has been mentioned that 40 free units power per month were being supplied to BPL power consumers. Now, the state government has decided to provide 40 units free power supply facility to such BPL power connection holders, whose total power consumption is not more than 100 units per month.

It has also been mentioned in the order that under this scheme, the BPL connection holders whose power consumption is more than 40 units and up to 100 units per month would be eligible only for 40 free units. They have to pay for the remaining units at the prevailing electricity rate.

As the power consumption of BPL connection holders is based on season and it changes in particular day or month. Hence, the government has decided that the consumption limit of 100 units of the connection holders would not be calculated on month basis, but it would be decided on the basis of their consumption on the particular financial year. Their yearly consumption should not exceed 1,200 units. On exceeding this limit, they would not be eligible for free units.

Under the tariff subsidy for the tariff year 2014-15, the condition for maximum limit of 100 units per month for the BPL connection holders, under the 40 unit free power supply scheme, has been implemented. Now, the BPL connection holders, who are eligible for 40 free units, the calculation of 100 units per month consumption would be done from July 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 as per the new power rates.

If the total power consumption of any BPL connection holder is more than 900 units in the remaining months of the financial year 2014-15, such beneficiary will not be eligible for the free power supply of 40 units.