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Chhattisgarh Ramakrishna Mission hostel chairman accused of sexual assault

RAIPUR: Three women employees of Ramakrishna Mission-run tribal hostel at Bagicha block in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh on Thursday lodged complaints of physical, mental torture and sexual assault against the institute chairman.

The women alleged that the hostel chief, Swami Jyotirmayanand had been mentally and physically torturing them for last few months. They said when they were unable to take it anymore, they confronted and told him they would disclose his acts, he suspended them. They charged Swami with forcibly hugging and attempting to kiss them when they were alone.

The hostel, which gets government funds, is being run to educate children belonging to Pahadi Korwa tribal group.

The women also said they tried to lodge complaint at Bagicha police station two days ago but were turned away. It was only when local media apprised senior police officials of the issue, the complaint was registered, they said.

Terming it an act of political conspiracy, Jyotirmayanand told the media that the case was false, pre-meditated and lacked substance. The three lodged a complaint against him after they were suspended for laidback and lethargic attitude towards work, he said. One of them was recently served a notice for termination, he added.

“The hostel receives enough funds from government and NGOs and I have been facing pressure from politically well-connected people for commission. As I have never compromised on the issue, they have threatened to throw me out. When they did not succeed in their designs, they conspired and plotted against me. Questioning the timing of complaint, he said if he had sexually assaulted them, they could have lodged the complaint in the past,” Swami said.

Swami, who has a reputation of no-nonsense and tough administrator, was also accused of mental torture by a woman worker two months ago. Investigations are underway.