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Brave Bangalore woman chases, kicks molester

BANGALORE: Sending out a clear message to women on how to fight back, a young woman in Bangalore chased and kicked a man who allegedly molested her in a park.

A video footage showing Veena Ashiya Chindlur chasing her attacker, making him kneel as she kicked him, made her a hero as she fought back her assaulter.

According to reports, Veena was on her daily run when 30-year-old Suryaprakash started harassing her by making weird noises and gestures.

However, instead of ignoring the harassment, she ran after her molester and nabbed him while he tried to escape covering his face. Veena caught him and made him kneel on the ground and then kicked him.

As Veena acted bravely against her attacker, her friend shot the video and posted it on Facebook.