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Bhopal City
Madhya Pradesh to construct 3.50 lakh toilets for BPL families in next 5 years

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh government has set a target to end open-area defecation practice completely by year 2017. Toilets will be constructed for 3.50 lakh BPL families in next 5 years. Besides, a target has also been set to construct 390 public toilets.

As sanitation of cities is the biggest problem before the state government, activities have been started construction of toilets through Mukhyamantri Shehri Swachhta Mission. The state government has also given importance to urban sanitation in Vision Document-2018.

Individual toilets and also community and public toilets as per requirement are being constructed in cities under Mukhyamantri Shehri Swachhta Mission. Works of solid waste management, waste water management and waste disposal management are also being undertaken.

Under the scheme, 92,406 individual toilets and 608 community toilets have been constructed in 140 urban bodies so far at a cost of Rs 208.75 crore. A sum of Rs 87 crore has been provisioned in the current year’s budget for the scheme.

Before Mukhyamantri Shehri Swachhta Mission, Integrated Urban Sanitation Programme was launched as pilot project to ensure urban sanitation and improve urban environment in year 2009. This programme has been upgraded as a mission in year 2012-13 with a Rs 459.44 crore action plan for 5 years.

The state government has undertaken concrete steps to implement modern and scientific solid waste management under PPP mode through zonal landfill sites. Under its first phase, waste is being collected door-to-door in Katni and nearby urban bodies and disposed of in landfill sites. Action plans regarding this have also been chalked out for other cities.

Solid waste management project in Gwalior city is being implemented with financial cooperation of the Defence Ministry and Indore with Asian Development Bank’s cooperation. In Maheshwar and Namli Nagar Parishads, cent percent garbage is being collected from houses and used to make organic fertiliser. Door-to-door waste collection work in 2 wards of all Municipal Corporations has been included in 100-day action plan.