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“It is not right in God’s sight to obey men rather than God.”

Pope Francis’ 10 Commandments for leading a peaceful, happy life

“Stop efforts to convert people; save nature; stop forcing your opinion on others; switch off the television...” These are some of the main instructions in Pope Francis’s 10 tips for a life full of peace and happiness. In the light of his experience, the Pope made these frank observations in the Argentine weekly Viva. The Pope is giving a panacea to the world, knowing the meaning of life in the modern era.

Watching TV while eating will prevent communication among family members. Switch off the television and eat food in peace. People can be happy by just not trying to impose their opinion on others. This is applicable to religions too. The church grows by attracting people and not through conversion, quotes the Catholic News Service, which translated the interview of the Pope.

These are the Pope’s 10 tips for a happy life: Live and let live. Everyone should put this principle into practice.

Be generous and open to others. Those who withdraw into himself will become selfish. Like stagnant water turning dirty, a tied up mind will become impure.

Lead a calm life. The Pope says this pointing to Don Segundo Sombra, a character in the Argentine novel of Ricardo Guiraldes, which he had taught when he was a literature teacher in a school.

Find healthy ways of leisure. A consumerist mentality has given us anxiety. Parents should find time to play with children and share fun.

Sunday is for the family. That day, workers should have holiday with salary.

Find new and creative ways to give dignified jobs to the youth. Deal well with the youth. If better opportunities are not available, they might turn to drugs and end their life itself.

Respect nature and save it. Environmental degradation is one of the biggest challenges. By severely and indiscriminately exploiting nature, humanity is adopting a suicidal stand.

Stop the negative approach. Speaking negatively about others shows our lack of self-esteem. Instead of lifting ourselves with positive talk, bad and negative talk is like cutting others down. Avoiding negative things will provide health.

Do not insist on religious conversion. Respect others’ beliefs. When we communicate with others through our own life, they will also grow with us. The worst of all is religious conversion. That will paralyse us. Talking to a person to convert him is equal to not respecting his belief. That is proselytizing.

Work for peace. We are living in an era of wars. The call for peace must be trumpeted. Peace is not silent, it is dynamic.