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Chhattisgarh girl immolates self after panchayat decision, betrayal in love

RAIPUR: A village panchayat decision, family’s accusations and the trauma of rejection by boyfriend provoked a 19-year-old girl to set herself ablaze at Janjgir-Champa district who died late on Monday at a hospital during treatment.

The boyfriend who had forced her into physical relationship on pretext of marriage was fined Rs 5,000 by the panchayat but the girl had to face insult before the village as well as accusations by her family drove her to take the extreme step.

According to locals the deceased hailing from Pamgarh area of Janjgir-Champa district was in a relationship with Yusuf Khan and the matter came to the fore only when the girl’s mother caught them inside home together soon after which the alarm was raised.

As the family objected over duo having physical relationship, they asked Yusuf to marry the girl whom he had earlier promised the same to get closer. When Yusuf showed resistance the matter was taken to panchayat on Sunday.

Even before panchayat Yusuf refused to get married against which panchayat asked him to pay fine and warned to never contact or try to talk to the girl, one of the panch said.

Distressed over betrayal in love, the girl had to face further outburst from the family for having an affair and for bringing bad name to the family in front of all.

Anguished over rejections and blames, the girl poured kerosene oil upon her and set herself ablaze. She had sustained 90 percent burns when taken to the hospital and later she succumbed to injuries at a hospital in Bilaspur.

Janjgir police had no clue about such incident till late Monday and no case was registered till Tuesday evening.

The girl’s father said that he could have reported the matter to police after panchayat’s decision but he had to face pressure from locals for going against panchayat and had risk of being boycotted from society.