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Man in Afghan military uniform kills American General

KABUL: An American general has been killed and 15 others suffer injuries in a shooting at a military academy in Kabul. A German brigadier general was among those injured in the “insider attack” by a man dressed in an Afghan military uniform, officials said.

The International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said the attack took place at the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul. Pentagon spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, confirmed that an American general was killed in the attack.

The major general, who has not been identified by name, is the highest-ranking member of the American military to die in Afghanistan. Rear Adm Kirby said the gunman was also killed. The wounded German general was flown to a US base in Bagram, where he is receiving medical treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening, the German military said.

Fourteen other military personnel were wounded, roughly half of which were Americans, US officials said. Rear Adm Kirby said “many were seriously wounded, while others received only minor injuries.”

Reports suggest an argument between some Afghans and an Afghan soldier prompted the shooting. Rear Adm Kirby said, “We need to let it proceed before speculating about any specific circumstances.”

A Isaf spokesman said, “We are in the process of assessing the situation. More information will be released as we sort out the facts.” The number of ‘insider attacks’ - where Afghan troops turn on Isaf partners - has dropped in the last year.

Last year, there were 16 deaths in 10 separate attacks. In 2012, similar attacks killed 53 Isaf troops in 38 attacks. Tuesday’s attack is being investigated by Afghan and Isaf authorities, Rear Adm Kirby said.