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One-year-boy battles for life, as mother breastfeeds him after cobra bite

BHOPAL: Doctors in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday have been trying to infuse life in a one-year-old boy, who was breastfed by his mother after she was bitten by a poisonous Cobra on Wednesday night.

The mother, Babli, 30, resident of Sandiya village was bitten by a Cobra on Wednesday midnight. She died on way to hospital on Thursday. Doctors claim that the child not only consumed milk while venom spread through his mother’s lymphatic system, but he too was bitten by the same snake.

According to sources, Babli was sleeping when the four feet long cobra bit her on the leg. Her family members, who killed the snake and took it to doctors, were unaware of the fact that her baby has also been bitten by the snake.

Doctors suspect either it was a ‘dry bite’ by the snake or it was left with less venom to inject during its second attack. “Both mother and the child had symptoms of neurotoxic snakebite when they were brought here. The mother was dead and the child was in a gasping condition,” says Dr Satish Raghuvanshi of Betul district hospital.

Experts on reptiles claim, Betul district has a large variety of non-poisonous snakes like rat-snake, chequered keelback, and kukri. While poisonous snakes found in the area includes, cobra, krait and Russell’s vipers. According to official figures, 800 people have died in MP by snake bites in the last seven months.