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Bhopal City
Musical notes prepared to preserve Madhya Pradesh tribal songs

BHOPAL: One of Madhya Pradesh’s identities includes tribal residing here and their diverse and colourful art and culture. Apart from implementing a number of welfare schemes and programme for uplifting tribals, the state government is also undertaking a number of measures to preserve their art and culture.

In the series, Tribal Research Institute (TRI) has taken up novel task of preparing musical notes of tribal songs. So far, musical notes of about 150 tunes have been prepared. They will be published in book form soon.

For preparing musical notes of tribal songs’ tunes, a 2-day workshop “Adi Rag” was held at TRI the other day. With the assistance of tribal artistes, 5 musicians prepared tunes of traditional tribal songs of Baigani, Mawasi, Gondi, Korku and Bhili tribal dialects.

The musicians including Durgesh Pandey, Deepti Gedam Parmar, Dr Roopali Jain Pandey, Dr Ravi Pandole and Dr Ashwini Rangnekar presented tribal songs to the traditional tunes prepared on these musical notes. The songs rendered by classical singers were heard and declared correct by tribal artistes. Publication of musical notes in a book form will preserve and safeguard tribal songs’ tunes.

Assistant Research Officer TRI Laxminarayan Payodhi informed that compilation of book of musical notes of tribal songs is an effective and meaningful effort for their preservation. Tribal artistes including Mangla Jhabua, Prem Singh Uikey Mandla, Sukhnandan Ahke and Chaitu Bai Rajbhopa cooperated in preparation of musical notes of tribal songs.