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Bhopal City
Unique Shaurya Stambh will be constructed in Bhopal

BHOPAL: A unique and novel Shaurya Stambh will be built near the entrance of the Shaurya Smarak coming up in Bhopal to perpetuate memories of martyred soldiers, said Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The Chief Minister inspected the under-construction memorial here today. Chief Secretary Anthony de Sa informed the Chief Minister about progress of the Shaurya Smarak construction.

The Chief Minister said that Shaurya Smarak would inspire reverence towards martyred soldiers and instil spirit of patriotism among youths. The memorial would be so grand that it would be one of the must-see places of Bhopal where every visitor would pay homage to martyrs. It will be an object of pride for Madhya Pradesh. Live audio-visual screening of martyred soldiers’ lives and troops will be available in its art gallery.

Dramatic presentations of acts of gallantry will be made in the open-air theatre of the memorial and musical fountain will function on the tunes of patriotic songs. It will have a 50-seat cinema house where war films will be screened.

The war gallery of the memorial being constructed by Capital Project Administration will have folklore of history and achievements of Indian infantry, navy and air force, portraits of all Presidents of India, folklore, portraits and Gallantry Medals of all Param Veer Chakra and Mahaveer Chakra awardees and information about various important wars.  The premises of Shaurya Smarak will have a souvenir shop displaying literature, badges etc of army. Shaurya Smarak

Shaurya Smarak is being constructed near Bhopal city’s important sightseeing spot Chinar Park on Arera Hills. Different shapes, angles, materials and techniques are being used to display complex enigmatic experiences of life-death, war-peace, salvation-devotion in easy and simple way.

An interesting fabric has been knitted with paintings on walls, ceilings, shapes, materials and technique. Arera Hills’ natural features, hilly terrain and trees celebrating life amidst rocks have been masterfully used a symbols. On the premises, various aspects of life, war theatre, death and life after death have been displayed in a series of premises.

As one enters the memorial, a square shape open courtyard with clay-colour and grassed stairs fill his heart with atmosphere of simplicity and experience of piety. From here, the visitor will reach a circular courtyard displaying the earth having been hurt by ravages of war.

There will be totally dark and black small square shaped area where a ray of light will enter intermittently through a small hole. The ray formed by natural light during day and fibreoptic light will be the symbol of soul which discards body after death.

About 2 to 3 meter high metal bars will be set up like well planned rows of army contingents on the premises to display concept of soul’s immortality. Beams of fibreoptic lights will kindle up on the top of these bars in the dark of the night. A laser beam light atop 300 meter high bar will light up the memorial in the night. Sheet of water on the basis of metal bars and laser beam will be symbol of peace and piety.

Atmosphere created on the premises of Shaurya Smarak will help visitors realise the supreme sacrifice made by gallant soldiers and their hearts will be naturally filled with sense of reverence towards them.