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New born can be saved from HIV with 27 month care, say medical scientists

RAIPUR: Medical scientists got a great success in the treatment of dreaded AIDS. They claimed that HIV (AIDS) affected expectant mothers and their children could get relief from the dreaded disease in 27 months, as a result of special care.

A new technique has been developed for it, through which multi-drug anti-retroviral regimen therapy has been used. The scheme will be started in Chhattisgarh from September 5, 2014. In this regard, national AIDS organisation has been conducting training programmes across the country from January 2014.

This information has been given by specialists at a two-day workshop organised by the Chhattisgarh State AIDS Control Society here. In the workshop, organised with the cooperation of health department, training has been imparted to doctors, paramedical staff and counsellors of the state. Detailed discussion on Integrated Consultation and Test Centres (ICTC) and Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) was held in the workshop.

In the workshop, trained doctors from Gujarat, Hyderabad and Delhi informed about care to be taken in the feeding of infected expectant mothers and at time of delivery and the modern methods in their monitoring. It was told at the workshop that if care were taken to the child to be born of the infected pregnant mother before delivery and after delivery up to 27 months, the child could be saved from the HIV infection.

Chhattisgarh project director Dr Kamalpreet Singh said that HIV infection was being tested in the 111 ICTCs established in the district hospitals, community health centres and primary health centres of the state. Iron tables, tetanus injection and free HIV infection testing facility would be made available to registered pregnant women, he added.

Specialists said that if HIV infection was found in women, modern multi-drug Anti Retroviral Therapy under the Prevention of Parents to Child Transmission (PPTCT) would be given to them. In this therapy, the infested woman has to take one tablet per day. In the meanwhile, trained doctors will conduct continuous investigation of the infested pregnant woman for nine months. Within two hours of birth, the newly born child will be given one dose of Nevirapin syrup and this will continue up to 45 days, as per the weight of the child.

After six week, DBS/HIV test of the child will be done and after that the child will be given one dose of Septron syrup up to next 18 months. As such, with the continuous care for 27 months the child could be saved from HIV infection.