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Togadia backs on his profession, launches India Health Line in Bhopal

BHOPAL: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) international working president Dr PraveenTogadia is back on his profession. Dr Togadia on Saturday launched the India Health Line, a network of 5000 doctors who have joined his mission to provide free medical treatment to the needy patient suffering from terminal diseases. And not just for Hindus, every caste and religion have been invited to join the medical venture, as patients, doctors or volunteers.

India Health Line is already operational in New Delhi, Nagpur and Pune. From Saturday, the services are offered in Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Indore. To avail free treatment service or be part of the programme as a doctor or health ambassador, one needs to dial 18602333666. For doctors, the appeal is to medically treat for free just one needy patient a day and for volunteers to donate just four hours of one Sunday in a month.

Being an oncology surgeon himself, Dr Togadia by his own submission picked-up the stethoscope he locked in the cupboard 18 years ago, and has started a crusade to provide not just free medical treatment but expensive cancer injections and medication at one-third the market price.

“In the past 40 years, the health situation of the country has changed dramatically. When I joined the profession in the Seventies, we never tested a 40-year-old patient for diabetes and hypertension. We also laughed at the US and European countries where 40-year-olds died of heart attacks,” Dr Togadia said.

“But that adverse health condition is part of this nation today. There are six crore diabetics, more than seven crore pre-diabetics, 15 crore hypertension patients, a 20 crore population affected by obesity, 58% women are anaemic and eight lakh people die every year of cancer. Only 29% health services are provided by the government and the rest 71% by private doctors while 40 crore people earn less than Rs 31 per day. To visit a cancer specialist like me, the patient needs to pay consultation fee of Rs 2000,” he argued.

India Health Line will work as the connection between speciality consultant doctors and needy patients. The doctors who have joined the campaign include Dr Jitendra Patel, president the Indian Medical Association and Dr Girish Kumar Singh, director AIIMS. In Bhopal, five doctors joined Togadia health crusade on Saturday including Dr Rupesh Jain (MD), Dr DP Singh asst professor medicine, Dr Bhupendra Ratre (MD) and Dr Narendra Prasad Patel (MD).

Dr Togadia argued that one crore needy patients from poor, lower middle-class and middle class families can be medically treated annually and India Health Line will fix appointments with specialists who will treat the needy patient for free.

“In India only 3% of the population go for health tests which mean that the rest of the population does not even know whether they are affected by diseases. India Health Line will go to the rural and urban areas to conduct free blood sugar, blood pressure and obesity screening tests. We have 43,000 physical blood donors and are targeting to get one million donors across the country,” Togadia explained.

Youth will be trained as health ambassadors who will come from every caste and community. They will go back to treat their own community members so there is no dearth of at least the minimum health facility.

Togadia is working on what could be a boon for cancer patients. He is working overtime contacting big pharmaceutical companies so cancer injections and chemotherapy becomes affordable. "The magic formula is in bulk buying. We will take the best and from the top companies but with massive bulk buying, the prices can be heavily slashed down.

Cancer medicines are the most expensive ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000. The same medicines which costs Rs 10,000 in the market can be purchased for Rs 3,000 if we order in bulk for 5,000 to 10,000 units to the same company," he added. Togadia is on an all India health mission and on Sunday he launches the same in Rajasthan.