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Chhattisgarh Congress conspires against assembly speaker, says BJP

RAIPUR: Refuting the charges levelled by state Congress president Bhupesh Baghel and leader of the opposition in the assembly TS Singhdeo against the Assembly speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal, BJP state vice-president and spokesperson Sachchidanand Upasane said that the issueless Congress is now engaged in saving its existence.

In a press conference held here on Saturday, Upasane said that through newspapers the Congress leaders have been making effort to tell people of the state that it was alive. The intention of the Congress has never been clear and just because of that the people of the state have totally rejected it, he added.

Upasane said that the father of assembly speaker Agrawal, the late Chhaganlal Agrawal, in accordance to public feeling, had taken the responsibility of renovation of three temples located at Mahadev Ghat, as it is an ancient religious place having unlimited possibilities for tourism. Agrawal, in consistence to the feelings of his father, had completed the work and by dedicating that to the people, has given the identity of his religious and selfless service. He has also constructed a Dharmshala for the devotees, he added.

Upasane said that a trust has been constituted for making arrangements and maintenance of the temple, which has many office-bearers, besides Gaurishankar Agrawal. At present, on the orders of the collector, the temple has been given under the authority of the municipal corporation. Besides Agrawal, no other member of his family has any right on the temple. Anybody can go and perform pooja in the temple and even now hundreds of rural devotees perform prayers on each day, he added.

Replying to the questions of reporters, Upasane said that the Congress leaders have been seeing the religious feelings of the family of the assembly speaker through the political lens. The temple at Mahadev Ghat has become the centre of attraction for the devotees, where thousands throng on special occasions and perform pooja.

He questioned that whether the Congress leaders wanted to demolish the temple at Mahadev Ghat. He said that the condition of Congress men is like an injured cat. The disturbance of losing power at the Centre could clearly be seen in the party. Their mental condition has imbalanced and it was the reason that they were levelling unnecessary allegations. Seeking to bring no confidence proposal against the assembly speaker, which is a constitutional post, the Congress leaders were trying to take political benefit out of it, he added.

BJP state secretary Sanjay Shrivastava said that the religious place which the Agrawal family had constructed with the service mentality has become the place of faith of the people of Chhattisgarh. The political opposition to such a pious work, which has been done with a blessed feeling, was the proof of the mental depravation of Congress men, he added.