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Ownership of four dams rests with Kerala, says Union minister

NEW DELHI: Union Minister for Water Resources Uma Bharati has said that the four dams in Kerala on which the Tamil Nadu had raised claim of ownership belonged to Kerala only. However, the responsibility to conduct their functioning and their repair works belonged to Tamil Nadu, Uma Bharati stated. She was answering a question raised by CN Jayadevan.

Based on the information given by the Tamil Nadu government the four dams were marked in the National Register of Large Dams (NRLD) as belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu.

When it was discovered that they actually belonged to Kerala the dams were moved to the list of Kerala's dams, Uma Bharati said. However, it has been marked in the register that the repair works on these dams are conducted by Tamil Nadu.

Earlier, there were reports that the four dams, namely, Mullaperiyar, Thunakkadav, Parambikkulam and Peruvarippalam were owned by Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa had also reaffirmed her state’s ownership of these four dams, which are situated in Kerala.

In 2009, it was mentioned in the national register that these four dams were under the ownership of the neighbouring state.