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Nursing students allegedly molested in Chhattisgarh private hospital

RAIPUR: Two nursing students, who were admitted for treatment in Srikrishna Hospital located at Rajendra Nagar, were allegedly molested by an employee of the hospital after administering them sleeping pills.

When a complaint of the incident was made with the hospital management, the accused chased the brother of a victim with scissors, following which a tumult was aroused there. The police team, which reached the spot, has started investigation with the students, relatives and the hospital management. The accused has been arrested.

According to Rajendra Nagar police, two nursing students have been admitted in the ICU of the hospital for about a week. They were complaining of weakness. The students alleged that one of the employees of the hospital had been sleeping on their bed on the pretext of taking their care and after giving them sleeping pills had been molesting them.

Last night at 2.30 he again tried to molest them. Both the girls informed their family members about the incident. The family members discussed the issue with the hospital management, but they were unheard of.

The police said that on Saturday morning somebody had telephoned and registered a complaint of molestation in the hospital. Based on the information, TI Toppo sent a team to the place of incident immediately. The team made enquiry from both the admitted nursing students.

The students said they were being molested. When complained, doctor of the hospital was keeping mum. The students told the police that on Saturday morning, when their family members reached the hospital, they told them about the incident.

The brother and other family members of the students said that they by making a complaint of the incident with the hospital management had demanded action against the accused employee. In between, the accused chased them with a scissor. With the interference of the relatives of other patients present there, the issue was pacified.

They said that several other nursing students, who come there for treatment, had also complained of molestation. But they did not complain of this because of fear of public shame. After complaint with the police, 3-4 doctors of the hospital have been mounting pressure on them for compromise. They demanded strict action against the accused.

Rajendra Nagar TI said that on the information from control room the police team made enquiry from the victim students. They have complained that one of the employees of the hospital, Rakesh Meena, on the pretext of taking care of them, had been molesting them. The police have arrested the accused. At present, enquiry is being done from all the parties. If need be, CCTV footage would also be collected, he added.