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Bhopal City
Sagar Commissioner dismisses five employees, suspends two officers

BHOPAL: Commissioner Sagar division RK Mathur, during his surprise inspection of offices of Sagar Janpad Panchayat and Kesli Janpad and tehsil on Sunday, terminated five employees from services and ordered suspension of two officers, for negligence in work and giving misleading information.

Commissioner Mathur took stock of construction of Kapildhara wells at Remjha Gram Panchayat and village Sapat in Sagar Janpad Panchayat. Janpad’s CEO PL Patel was suspended with immediate effect since he failed to give correct information about construction of wells.

The Commissioner ordered termination of MNREGA sub-engineer Prabhu Das Charadh from service for giving misleading information. He terminated Remjha Gram Panchayat secretary Ram Milan Tiwari for unduly favouring his relatives under Kapildhara Yojana.

During inspection of Kesli tehsil office, the Commissioner directed to suspend tehsildar RC Shakya for passing wrong orders on files and going on leave without permission. He terminated Patwari of Halka Number 48 Hemant Pawaiyya for showing irrigated land as unirrigated.

During inspection of Kesli Janpad office, he directed to issue notices for termination from service to sub-engineers Ashok Tantuvay and Govind Chaurasia on being found indulged in grave irregularities.