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Fuel crisis in Raipur gives tough time to citizens

RAIPUR: Citizens had a tough time due to shortfall of petrol and diesel in capital and other parts of state with most of the pumps shut down while others mentioned a shortfall. Thursday was the third consecutive day when people were seen waiting in long queues for refilling their vehicle tanks.

None of the fuel suppliers came on record to comment but indicated that it was due to annual closure in refineries and some excused saying there was no supply. Collector Thakurram Singh had assured two days back that the situation would come under control by Wednesday. However, people had to switch from one pump to another till Thursday afternoon for refilling.

Officials in collector office said that initially there was a problem with supply as racks of fuel didn't reach on time. There was apprehension among people that prices of fuel may soon rise and to cash-in on the margin, pumps have decided not to supply fuel until the prices soar high.

“I had to wait for one and a half hour at a pump late in the night to get petrol amid a crowd of hundred others,” Pankaj Kumar, a resident said. However, along with citizens, it's mostly the transport sector that has been worst hit. Raipur requires supply of about 3.5 lakh litres of fuel everyday, which has dropped down to less than 2 lakh.