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Bio farming brings another green revolution in Dantewada villages

RAIPUR: Bio farming has changed the direction and condition of 2,000-year-old traditional agricultural practices of villages like Bhusaras, Hiranaar and Surnaar of Dantewada district. With the unique way of farming, without using hybrid seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, and modern and costly farm implements, the farmers of these villages have produced 4-5 times more crops. Because of the agricultural practice here, the Central government has declared Dantewada district a model for bio farming.

The district administration, through forest produce committees, has purchased paddy produced through bio farming at more price than support price. The success of this practice started with 300 farmers has highly attracted other farmers of the district towards bio farming.

Encouraged with the result, the district administration has been considering establishing a company of bio paddy producing farmers, so that the farmers do not depend on the market power and decide the price of their produce on their own.

Collector KC Devsenapati said that the significance of the practice done in the agriculture fields of Dantewada was not only that the farmers were producing more crops at less cost, but it was a step forward towards a revolution where farmers, by using traditional sources, could increase fertility power of their farms and save water and land from pollution.

He asked the farmers to adopt Sri Paddhati in place of traditional sowing system. The district administration has given free weeder to the farmers. To train farmers and Village Agriculture Extension officers, Senapati has invited bio-farming specialists Arunachalam and Jacob Nellium, who imparted training to them in preparation of special bio fertilizers like Panchgavya and Jeevamrit.

Panchagavya is prepared from milk, curd, cowdung and urine. With its use, plants grow rapidly. Jeevamrit is a bio fertilizer made of cowdung, jaggery, wheat-flour and other natural articles that gives boost to nitrogen stabilization. Besides, preparation of other bio fertilizers like vermin compost and fish fertilizers has also practised. Bio insecticides have been used in place of chemical insecticides.

Encouraged with getting better price to his products, Suryakant Yadav of Balud village said that he was getting Rs 1,310 for general thick paddy, but now he gets Rs 2,000 for the same paddy produced through bio farming. “I have adopted bio farming forever,” he added.

Hidma Kosa, a farmer from Surnaar said that it was unbelievable for him to see lush green crops through bio farming.