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New surveillance system in the offing to save wild animals

BHOPAL: To check poaching and straying of wild animals in human habitation, a team of scientists is developing a new surveillance system which will work as a virtual fencing for these animals, especially the endangered species. The new sensors developed under the virtual fencing system will be tested at Panna Tiger Reserve.

The project was discussed in a workshop and thereafter the work has started. Field director of Panna Tiger Reserve RS Murthy said virtual fencing was discussed in a workshop which was based on sensors. It works on difference in wavelengths of various variables like sound, light, heat etc. The project was at an initial stage when discussed in the workshop, he added. 

According to sources, the system is being developed by a team of scientists from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad and the scientists of a few US universities. The project is funded by the US and Indian governments, sources said.

In this system, the animal fitted with the gadget will be kept within the limits by generating sounds and light similar to that of drum beats and torches. The surveillance system will help to track the movement of the animal. The third part of the system which is forest patch monitoring will alert any restricted activity in the area.

The system will not only save several wild animals which are killed in road accidents, run over by trains or poached. This will also prove beneficial to the people living in villages in and around forest reserves which are often frequented by wild animals.