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Helmet is not for strictness, but to save life: Raman Singh

RAIPUR: Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has called upon the sisters in the state and the country to take pledge from their brothers while tying Rakhi this year that they would wear helmet compulsorily. Dr Singh said that the sisters, as a portend, should demand this promise from their brothers and the brothers should make this promise to their sisters that while riding two-wheelers, they would wear helmet compulsorily and drive vehicles wearing seat belt.

The chief minister has expressed deep concern over the increasing number of road accidents in the country. He said that it was most unfortunate for us all that thousands loss their lives in road accidents. The habit of not wearing helmet while riding two-wheelers would be dangerous for their life. When a person purchases a bike worth Rs 50 - 60 thousand, why he is not purchasing a helmet worth only of a few hundred rupees, he questioned.

With great pain, the chief minister asked people that how many more deaths they would witness in road accidents. The pain of death of their dear ones in road accidents would always torment them, he said.

Dr Singh said that his government has made wearing helmet compulsory for the two-wheeler riders in the state. Mentioning about the protests staged by the Congress in this regard, the chief minister said that the life of each person is precious, so, people should understand that this step taken by the government is not for strictness, but to save life.

The chief minister said that the traffic police and the transport department have launched a public awareness campaign along with publicising the necessity of wearing helmet. Two-wheeler riders and drivers of other vehicles are being advised to adhere to the traffic rules, he added.