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Biometric machines in schools to put bridles on absentee teachers

RAIPUR: The state government, in order to ensure attendance of teachers in government schools, has been deliberating to implement biometric system. With the implementation of the system, complete records of teachers’ attendance would be made available.

The school education department is giving special attention on improving quality of education. It has come to the fore that education standard in government schools has been falling continuously. People consider private schools better for the education of their wards. The number of students in government schools is falling down. Teachers reportedly remain absent from schools and complaints of which have been made at different levels.

According to high-level sources, the department has been considering to implement biometric system to ensure attendance of teachers in schools. A proposal has also been prepared for this. Biometric machine will be installed in schools. On reaching the school, teachers have to give their thump impression on it. They have to go through this process four times a day.

It has been said that the total cost of the biometric machine is around Rs 5,000. The department has not to spend money on it. The company will do maintenance of the machine for five years. The department has to spend only Rs 1,000 per year.

According to departmental sources, standard of education in government schools has been falling continuously due to absence of teachers and their non-interest in teaching. With the implementation of this system, this attitude of teachers could be controlled to a large extend.

At first, the department is considering to install this machine in such schools from where highest number of complaints has been received. A decision on this would be taken soon at the minister level meeting.