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Severe water crisis in jaundice-hit areas of Chhattisgarh capital

RAIPUR: Severe water crisis has been reported from many jaundice-affected colonies of the state capital, including DD Nagar. Water tankers pressed into service by the municipal corporation are said to be insufficient. About 50 to 100 people gather around a single tanker for filling water. Looking to the water crisis many people are forced to leave their houses and move to other areas.

Dozens of jaundice affected new patients from DD Nagar, Lakhe Nagar, Baijnathpara, Nehru Nagar, Jagannath Nagar, Ramsagar Para, Purani Basti, Dharam Nagar, Bhatagaon and various other colonies of the state capital are attending the camps daily. They are taking treatment at the camps organised by the health department and the Municipal Corporation, whereas, dozens of patients approached private doctors. After the death of jaundice patients and the spread of the disease in new areas, the Municipal Corporation administration is now in search of the drinking water pipeline laid adjacent to the sewage lines and nullahs. Pipelines are considered to be the reason behind the spread of the disease.

It has been said that for the past few days the corporation staff have been engaged in separating drinking water pipelines from the nullahs in DD Nagar. New pipelines are being laid there. In the meanwhile, drinking water crisis has started in the area. Only 50 water tankers are being sent there for the 1,500 houses of the area daily, which troubles the people much. Many people are forced to leave their homes because of water crisis, whereas, some others take houses on rent in far-flung colonies.

Only one water tanker of the corporation reached the Hanuman Nagar Kalibadi on Monday, where a crowd of dozens gathered with pipes to draw water from the tanker. The gathering had created a stampede like situation there. The condition of other jaundice-affected areas is the same. People are troubled with the supply of contaminated water. Many of them were complaining about it with the corporation administration, following which pipelines were changed in some areas and repaired in some other places.

Collector Thakur Ram Singh, Municipal commissioner Avanish Kumar Sharan and other officers have been visiting the jaundice-affected areas continuously and taking account of the situation. They have also visited the jaundice-affected patients in hospitals.

Additional commissioner Dr JR Soni said that total pipelines of DD Nagar have been changed and in other areas, damaged pipelines were being repaired or changed. Water tankers were also being sent to the affected areas, he added.

The chairman of water department of the corporation, Jaggu Singh Thakur said that the corporation has 17 tankers and about 20 tankers have been taken on rent. As such, drinking water supply is being done through about 40 tankers in these colonies. One tanker takes about 10 turns per day. He said that water crisis is there in such a vast city, but efforts are being made to solve this problem in any manner.