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Naxalites kill villager at Jan Adalat in Chhattisgarh

JAGADALPR: Naxalites have kidnapped a villager and after holding Jan Adalat on Monday night killed him with sharp-edged weapon, at village Palamdagu under Polampalli police state area in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh.

As he was in the hit list of the naxalites, Sariyam Podiya, 25, a resident of Palamdagu village, had left his village and has been residing in Andhra Pradesh. He came back to his village a month ago. Naxalites got information about his presence in the village and kidnapped him two days ago. On Monday night, they held a Jan Adalat and killed Sariyam. The naxalites accused him of participating in the Salva Judam.

On the intervening night of April 21-22, the naxalites had shot dead Sarpanch Nuppo Nanda of Morpalli Village Panchayat in Konta block of Sukma district. He was killed in Laxmipuram village in Andhra Pradesh.

The naxalites had accused Sarpanch Nuppo Nanda also of participating in the Salva Judam campaign. After the ban on Salva Judam, whoever has participated in the Salva Judam, is in the hit list of the naxalites. Because of that, most of the people, who have participated in the Salva Judam have left their village and were residing in different parts of Andhra Pradesh.