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Mother of three stripped, beaten and paraded naked for having affair

RAIPUR: A woman was paraded naked, beaten and assaulted on streets in Jashpur’s Farsabahar area on Saturday night. A 32-year-old woman, mother of three children was tortured for her alleged extra-marital affair with another married man of her village.

According to the woman’s statement to police, nearly a dozen locals, including women, barged into her house late on Saturday night and started beating her with traditional weapons they had brought along.

“Before she could think and react they started thrashing her and pulled her by hair. They stripped her while beating and chased her on streets,” Farsabahar police said. While this went on for more than two hours, the woman finally took refuge at village head's home after which matter was reported to police.

Mendharbahar sarpanch Pankhira Tirki said, “It is a case of woman of Raut community having an extra marital affair with a man of another community. While woman’s husband and family knew about their relationship, they never took any steps. Women from lohar community objected to their meetings and started assaulting her.”

When woman’s husband tried to intervene to save her, the locals thrashed him as well. However, the sarpanch, tried to underplay the incident and said, “It is an issue of our village and we would have sorted it on panchayat level. There was no need for police or media to intervene, but because someone had called the police, the matter has been blown out of proportion.”

He said that the case would be settled and if the survivor and the man want to get married, panchayat would convince their families and get them married. Farsabahar police have not arrested anyone in this regard and said that investigations were on.

Chhattisgarh is among states which have a culture of stripping women naked, forcing her to march naked on village streets while she’s being beaten, assaulted, kicked and sometimes burnt to death. Usually, in such incidents women are accused of being a tonhi who's involved in witchcraft and black magic practices. This was first such case when a woman was targeted for having an extra marital affair.