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Raman government failed to give security to women: Shobha Ojha

RAIPUR: Mahila Congress national president Shobha Ojha said that women would get more power if the UPA-3 comes to power at the Centre. Bill will be passed in the Parliament’s first session. Accusing the state government, she said that atrocities on women are more in Chhattisgarh. Here, every day, three rape cases have been registered with the police and atrocities are done to more than nine women. The Raman government has failed to give security to women.

Addressing the media here on Tuesday, Ojha lavished praise on the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, vice-president Rahul Gandhi and the Congress election manifesto. She said that earlier election manifestoes were prepared by 3-4 people in closed rooms. This time, it has been prepared as per the wish of Rahul Gandhi. The Congress manifesto, prepared after collecting views of a cross-section of people has the voice of women, fishermen, labourers and other different categories of people. The BJP has copied this manifesto and declared it, but did not change even its dates.

She alleged that people have been observing the activity and character of the BJP. It was not like that, people would vote looking to the face of its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Ojha questioned that when the BJP had declared its prime ministerial candidate a year ago, why it lagged behind in declaring the manifesto. Answering to a question on the BJP government in the state, she said that the Congress just fell short of majority and added that the BJP formed government by using money and muscle power in the election.

On the Modi wave in the country, Ojha said, if there were wave, the BJP would have fielded its workers, whereas, the party has given tickets to film artistes like Bappi Lahri. She said that the BJP has made preparation for a Congress-free nation, but it would be BJP-free country. Many big leaders of that party have finished this dream of the party, she added.

Ojha said that her government would try to make women more empowered. They would get their rights. As per the intentions of Rahul Gandhi, half of the states would have women chief ministers. In Chhattisgarh also, women workers have been given the responsibility of electioneering and all of them are engaged in campaign.

On the ticket of Chhaya Verma from Raipur seat, Ojha said that her ticket was not decided. Based on the reservation, the Congress has given tickets to three women in the state, but the BJP did not give ticket to a single woman. On the survey report, which is against the Congress, she said that this kind of report had come in 2004 also, but the UPA had formed the government. It would be repeated this time also and the UPA would form government. On electioneering by Priyanka Gandhi, she said that it was her own decision that where she has to campaign.