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Bais faces protests in Aarang areas, returns without addressing meetings

RAIPUR: BJP candidate from Raipur Lok Sabha seat and former union minister Ramesh Bais has been facing opposition from various places. He had to return without addressing a public meeting at Bhainsa village in Aarang due to the protest from villagers.

Two days before Bais had gone for visit to Aarang areas. He faced open protest at some villages. The villagers accused him of ignoring their problems. At Kosrangi village, the villagers accused him of disappearing for the last five years. However, the BJP workers somehow pacified the villagers here.

At Bhainsa village, some people were very agitated and when Bais started addressing the meeting, people began commotion. The supporters of Bais had tried to silent people, but they did not. Finally, the BJP candidate had to return without addressing the meeting.

In many areas of Aarang, agitation against the BJP candidates has come to the fore. Whenever Bais went to any village, only handful of workers were found there to welcome him. However, the supporters of Bais are not taking the agitation seriously. They said that those who were opposing were of the Congress. Nothing is there as villagers opposing him. The charge of electioneering in Aarang is with local MLA Naveen Markandey. Besides, the BJP had won the assembly election here with a margin of 13,000 votes. It is challenging before the BJP to retain this lead.

On the other hand, the Congress is trying to decrease the lead registered in the assembly election. The Congress candidate and former minister Satyanarayan Sharma has started election campaign at Sodhi, the home village of Bais. He addressed an election meeting there. The Congress has made former MLA Rudra Kumar Guru the election in-charge here. Besides, Sharma had been MLA from Mandir Hasaud for five times. He has maintained relation with people. The Congress has made a strategy to decrease the BJP lead here by making aggressive campaign.