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Narendra Modi will do anything to become PM, says Rahul Gandhi

JAGADALPUR: Launching a scathing attack on BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said, he (Modi) will do anything to become PM.

Addressing a rally in Balod, Rahul said, “Modi PM banna chahta hai, uske liye wo kuch bhi kar dega. Wo tukde-tukde kar dega…wo ek ko dusre se lada dega” (Modi wants to become PM, and will do anything for that. He will divide into many pieces… make people fight against each other).

Rahul also said the BJP wants to hand over all the power to one person, and has humiliated its senior leaders. In their party, one man knows everything about the world. According to them, one person will change India. Make me a peon and I will change India. But peons also commit theft.

They want to hand over everything to one person… don’t ask what will happen later… They had several leaders: Advaniji, Jaswantji. Ask them chaukidari kaisi hui. They were all set aside,  he said.

Blaming the BJP for the Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar riots, he said BJP members beat up people in other states and make Hindus fight against Muslims.

Questioning the BJP claims of empowering women Rahul said Gujarat Chief Minister taps phones of women, puts police before women. How do you empower women then? In Bangalore, women are being beaten up. A BJP minister has committed rape. Twenty thousand women from Chhattisgarh are missing.

Highlighting the UPA government achievements, he said, Our biggest project is a manufacturing corridor. Today, whatever you wear, watches etc, are Made in China. We want that in the coming years they carry the Made in India (label). For this, we have set up a manufacturing corridor, from Delhi to Mumbai, Mumbai to Chennai, Chennai to Bangalore and Delhi to Kolkata.

Rahul, however, was silent on the Maoist issue, although he was speaking in an area that falls under Kanker constituency which has a significant presence of Maoists.