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Tiny tiger cub sighted in Panna tiger reserve

BHOPAL: Panna tiger reserve has brought laurels to Madhya Pradesh and country once again. During a search drive yesterday, a tiny cub was sighted with tigress Panna-213 and Tiger-111 in Amanganj (buffer). With this, number of tigers in Panna reserve has increased to 25.

This cub is the 10th tiger birth under Panna tiger rehabilitation project. This achievement has been registered within a span of 4 years in the reserve which had become tiger-less. Panna-213 is the litter of tigress T-2, which is the only living adult tigress of existing tiger reintroduction project. It has given birth to 2nd litter.

Panna-213 had given birth to second litter on December 5, 2014. But it was not disturbed by the reserve’s management in view of health security. On February 23, 2014 P-213 took her cubs to the kill for the first time leaving pugmarks of the cubs which are 2 months and 20 days old. On its basis, forest staff tracked and confirmed existence of cubs on February 24, 2014.

Panna-213 had given birth to first litter in August 2013 which she had lost in just 10 days due to inexperience in nourishing, rains etc. Father to this litter of Panna-213 is Tiger Panna-111 which is the first litter of tiger T-1.