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Lion dies of old age in Van Vihar

BHOPAL: A 20-year-old male lion died at Van Vihar National Park on Sunday morning. Van Vihar now has five lions and six lionesses all are above the average age.

Assistant director of Van Vihar Sudesh Waghmare said the lion named Sultan was very old and was on medication for a couple of days.

Waghmare further said the average life span of a lion is 16. Sultan has lived longer than the average life span. He died of old age problems.

Sultan was rescued from Rajmahal circus in Chhattisgarh in 2010 and was brought to Van Vihar along with other lions. With his death the lion population in Van Vihar has come down to 11.

Van Vihar’s wildlife doctor Dr Atul Gupta and Dr Vimal Raj of SOS Wildlife jointly conducted the post mortem. Reason for the death has been cited as senility in the post mortem report. 

According to the director of Van Vihar, lions rescued from circuses have been housed in the rescue centre. All these lions have attained their average age.

It has been provisioned to house wild animals rescued from circuses at the national park’s rescue centre.

Lung infection leads in death of tigresses

Lung infection caused in the death of two tigresses at Panna Tiger reserve consecutively on Friday and Saturday. This has been revealed in the post-mortem reports.

According to officials of PTR, the post-mortem examination of tigress P214 which died on Friday was conducted by a team of doctors from veterinary college Jabalpur and local veterinarians including Dr KP Singh and Dr Sanjiv Gupta. The post-mortem had suggested congestion in the lungs and trachea as the cause of death of P214.

The post-mortem of the tigress found dead on Saturday was performed by veterinary experts from PTR and Pench Tiger reserve including Dr Sandeep Agarwal and Dr Akhilesh Mishra and Dr Kajal Jadhav from Wildlife Disease Research & Diagnostic centre (Jabalpur). Dr Chitaranjan Dave was present as representative of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NCTA) while Eric D Kunha of Bagh Tola Resort was present as an independent representative. 

The post-mortem report suggested that the death occurred due to infection in the respiratory organs. The doctors found coagulation of blood in lungs due to infection and the flexibility of lungs was also missing. The trachea was choked with cough. Because of infection the other organs were also affected. 

The viscera samples of both the tigresses were collected and will be sent to veterinary college, Jabalpur for pathological tests and to forensic science laboratory, Sagar for toxicological examination.