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Relocation: Tiger number goes up to 23 in Panna Reserve

BHOPAL: Known for diamond across the world, Panna has set a new example before the world by rehabilitating tiger species, which had been extinct. The number of tigers in the Panna Tiger Reserve has gone up to 23 now.

Panna Reserve has not only achieved success in rehabilitating tiger species, but has also completed 4 years of relocation. Earlier, it was believed that it was near impossible to relocate tigers in a new area.

Forest Minister Dr Gaurishankar Shejwar informed that tiger relocation project was started in November 2009. A tiger and four tigresses were brought from other areas and released here 4 years ago. Of these, tigress T-1 has given birth to cubs twice and T-2 and T-4 3 cubs each thrice so far.

The two tigers of the first litter of tigress T-1 have established their area in the park. Similarly, T-2 and T-4 have separated cubs of their second litter only at the age of 12-13 months. At present, T-2 and T-4 tigress are nourishing the 5-month old cubs.

Radio collars are being attached to growing up tiger cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve. Efforts to collar Panna-412, Panna-421 and Panna-422 have not succeeded so far, as these tigers are underage.

In the reserve, tigers are establishing their territory in all sides. Cubs are growing up naturally. However, Panna-212 has injured self in effort to catch kill and once hurt by rabid dog. He has also lost its two teeth.