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MP Tourism marketing office opened in Ahmedabad

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has opened its marketing office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. While inaugurating the marketing office, chairman Dr Mohan Yadav said tourists coming to Madhya Pradesh will have comprehensive knowledge about the state’s tourist destinations. They will also have access to booking facility.

He said the number of tourists in Madhya Pradesh is increasing constantly. Tourists from western Indian especially Gujarat also visit Madhya Pradesh in large number.

Dr Yadav said at present the corporation’s offices exist in seven states. Besides augmentation and conservation of archaeological heritages and promotion to religious tourism, the corporation is also organising water tourism and adventurous activities.

Facilities including air travel being given to tourists are being increased. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country to make available air service to tourists. It has potential of expansion in near future. Dr Yadav also instructed officers to work on the schemes for attracting tourists from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh.