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Mad dog bites tiger at Panna Tiger Reserve

BHOPAL: A tiger of the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh has been shifted to enclosure, after being bitten by a domestic mad dog. Tests at Centre for wildlife forensics and health, Jabalpur confirmed that the dog was infected with rabbis.

The 3-year-old tiger codded P-212, was attacked by dog near Hinouta range on September 10. It was tranquilised and shifted to enclosure four days later. Tiger had multiple bites on its nose and tail. The dog, which also attacked a forest employee, was killed by the PTR staff and samples were sent to Jabalpur for tests.

“Laboratory analysis of its (dog) brain has tested positive for rabbis. We have sent the report along with an advisory for post-bite vaccination schedule to PTR,” Dr AB Shrivastava of forensic lab said. PTR officials claim that the dog was of a tribal in Jhalar village - located within the core area of PTR.

“We have started giving anti-rabbis vaccination and subsequent treatment to the tiger. It will remain under constant surveillance of veterinary experts unless treatment protocol is complete,” director of the Reserve, R Srinivas Murthy said.

This is the second time P212 has been shifted to an enclosure. In April it underwent a two and a half hours surgery to cure a wound that it sustained while making a kill. The tiger was shifted to an enclosure at Badgadi range.