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Once tigerless Panna Reserve blessed with six cubs

BHOPAL: Once tigerless Panna Tiger Reserve has now been blessed with six cubs. According to sources, tigresses T-4 and T-2 of the park recently gave birth to 3 cubs each.

Panna tiger reserve has extended its special cooperation in giving a new direction to tiger conservation not only in Madhya Pradesh, but in entire country also.

Forest Minister Sartaj Singh has lauded and congratulated Director Panna Tiger Reserve R Shriniwasan and his entire team for birth of 6 tiger cubs in the reserve.

The forest minister said that addition of half a dozen tigers in once tigerless Panna tiger reserve is significant. Singh informed that despite all-out efforts, tiger species in Panna had become extinct in year 2009. Forest Department has set a precedent by dealing with this calamity and relocating tiger species there again.

Today, Panna tiger reserve has 11 (adult and semi-adult) tigers including 5 rehabilitated ones. Panna tiger reserve has been conferred National Award by National Tiger Conservation Authority for this successful innovation.

Singh said that Panna tiger reserve has belied the general belief that it is impossible to rehabilitate tigers in a new area. Tigers and tigresses brought from other areas have settled in the reserve successfully. Of these, 3 tigresses have given birth to cubs.

The third tigress T-4 has also belied the general belief that it is impossible to teach forest skills to tigers raised in enclosure by human beings. The tigress has adapted to jungle completely now. T-4 had given birth to 4 cubs in November 2011.

After remaining with mother for one year, these cubs are now roaming independently. Similarly, T-2 brought from Kanha in March 2009 has given birth to 4 then 3 and now 3 cubs again this time.