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Young tiger found dead in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

BHOPAL: Carcass of a sub-adult tiger cub was found near Sheshaiya area in Tala range of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (BTR) National Park in Umaria district during routine patrolling by the park officials on Saturday morning. It was the fourth tiger to have died an unnatural death in MP in last five months.

While forest officials claim that the big cat was killed in territorial fighting, wildlife activists and NGOs blame it on park officials alleging that the carcass was found a day after tour operators created chaos with jeeps carrying tourists to get pictures of a tigress and its kill in the same area.

They allegedly forced the tigress to remain standard at a particular place by shouting and blocking its way with their gypsies. This mater was reported to BTR manager by one of the guides.

“Forest officers are concealing facts that might expose own negligence leading to cub\'s death. Tour operators crossed over permissible limits to get a closer shot of a tiger and its kill with the tourists. They were left by the BTR staff by imposing meagre penalty,” claims Ajay Dubey, Supreme Court (SC) petitioner seeking ban on tourists in core areas.

Dubey had sent a memorandum to the Jayanti Natrajan, Minister for environment and forest (Moef) Jayanthi Natarajan, Chief Secretary R Parshuram and chief wildlife warden seeking investigation and strong action against the accused.

State’s chief wildlife warden - PK Shukla, said that the cub was killed by another adult male tiger which is extending its territory in the Tala range. This one was one of the female cubs of the Kankatitigress.

In all 13 tiger were killed in MP in 2012 including 6 unnatural deaths. Jayanthi Natarajan has urged state chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to take preventive steps expressing concern on these deaths.