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Rs 8 crore will be spent for promoting tourism in Vindhya region

BHOPAL: Works costing Rs 7.98 crore are underway for attracting tourists and promoting tourism in Vindhya region. These works will be completed by June. Through the works, infrastructure development will be undertaken and basic amenities will be provided at various tourist spots in Rewa and Singrauli districts.

Tourist facilities to be developed in Rewa district include tourist reception centre, parking facility, tourist interpretation centers at Bahuti waterfall, tourism centre at Keoti waterfall, asphaltation of roads etc.

Similarly, facilities to be developed in Singrauli district include development of tourist facilitation centre and parking facility at Baidhan. Besides, wayside amenities are being developed at Devsar under which facilities of parking, telephone booth, rest room, hotel etc. will be available to tourists. Development of restaurant at Bagdar sanctuary in Singrauli and work of installing signages is underway at Vindhya tourist circuit.