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Bharat Bhawan - The Biggest Multi Arts Complex of Asia

Bharat Bhavan is a multi-art centre set up in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh to create an interactive proximity between the verbal, visual and performing arts. It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, on February 13, 1982. Bharat Bhavan provides space for contemporary expression, thought, quest and innovation. It seeks to provide a creative and thought-provoking milieu to those who wish to contribute something new and meaningful, in contemporary scene in the fine arts, literature, theatre, cinema, dance and music. It houses some of the best and most lasting that is being created in our towns, villages and forests.

Each part of the building is distinct yet flows easily one another, linked by meandering paths.

The total effect is one of the surprise and pleasure. There is always a moment when the eye can set and the mind contemplates. The activities of Bhart Bhavan are organised through its wings, namely ROOPANKAR, RANGMANDAL, VAGARTH, ANAND, ASHRAM and CHHAVI.
ROOPANKAR is the only museum of its kind in India which houses contemporary folk and tribal art together with urban art.

Roopankar has two fully equipped workshops for printmaking and ceramics. There are about 6000 tribal and folk art objects and nearly 2,500 urban art work in the Roopankar museum.

RANGMANDAL is a professional repertory which has at its disposal a fully equipped indoor auditorium, Antarang, an open air threatre Bahirang, with a spectacular location on the Upper Lake, and a studio theatre Abhirang. It owns an impressive theatre library and data bank.
VAGARTH is the centre of Indian poetry.

It aims at collecting and preserving the ancient and contemporary poetry in Indian languages, whether in the spoken, written or in the printed form. Vagarth's library consists of more then 13,000 books. These include book of poetry in Indian languages, English translations of poetry in foreign languages, works on poetics, literary criticism and culture.

Rare manuscripts of some renowned, Indian poets, hundreds of audio and video recordings of reading in Bhart Bhavan by significant Indian poets are also collected in Vagarth's archives. Solo and combined poetry reading, dialogues centered on eminent artists and writers, talks, translation workshops and fellowship, writer's camps and financial assistance to
 under- resourced literary journals are among Vagarth major activities.

ANAHAD is the centre for classical, folk and tribal music. Anahad, aspires to preserve the tradition and promote its immense contemporary creativity in all its glory and diversity.

The chief activity of Anhad is organizing performances of classical and folk music and dance. Anhad possess an archival collection of about 2000 hours of audio and video recordings, books on music and dance and over a 100 long playing records of foreign music to aid reference and research.

NIRALA SRIJANPEETH is the chair for creative writing instituted in Bharat Bhavan by the government of Madhya Pradesh. The incumbents have been writers of repute including Nirmal Verma, Dilip Chitre, Krishan Sobati, Kedarnath singh, Krishna Baldev Vaid, Kamalesh, Ramanath Tripathi, Vinod Kumar Shukla, Ramesh Chandra Shaha and Manzoor Ehtesham.

ASHRAM has hosted artists and writers of national eminence, Mallikarjun Mansur, Bhavesh Sanyal, Namver Singh, Nirmal verma, Zia Mohiuddin Dager and Ambadashave lived in residence at Bharat Bhavan's Ashram.
CHHAVI is recently opened center for classical cinema. Bharat Bhavan publishes a quarterly Hindi journal of literary criticism, Poorvagrah. 113 issues of the journal have been published so far. Bharat Bhavan has a well equipped auditorium "Antarange", an open air stage, "Bahirange" and a theatre studio, "Abhirang". All three are available on payment. Well equipped audio video studios are also available on payment. 

Bharat Bhavan within a span of last 23 years, has organised hundreds of programmes of national and international eminence that includes six international Biennial of Print Art, and equal numbers of biennials based on the contemporary art of India, World Poetry Festival, Asian Poetry Festival, and the theatre workshop of the commonwealth countries.


Yearly- for One Person- Rs. 200/-
Yearly- For Two Person- Rs. 300/-
Lifelong Membership (for one person) - Rs.-2000/-
Entry Fee Rs. 10/- per head,

Entry in the drama performances free for the members.

1st. Nov. to 31st Jan. from 1 pm. To 7 pm.
1st . Feb. to 31st Oct. from 2 pm. To 8 pm.

HOLIDAY : Monday and Central Govt. declared holiday.   

Address - Bharat Bhavan,  J. Swamination Marg,  Shamla Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pin Code - 462002
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